The Teacher’s Advocate is an organization created through Integrated Financial Network, Inc. (IFN), in an effort to specifically serve as an advocate resource for the educational community. In particular, The Teacher’s Advocate aims to educate teachers, school employees, and administrators (member) on all the details with STRS/SERS/PERS, benefits, and options for supplementing their benefits and retirement plan to reach optimal effectiveness. There are many moving parts within the STRS/SERS/PERS benefits and retirement plan package that make it difficult to understand, let alone discern and feel confident in decisions that are made for them and their families. The licensed advisors with The Teacher’s Advocate group are trained and experienced to help with many areas of planning:


  1. Connect with the teacher, employee and/or administrator (member) to better understand the areas of planning and areas of the STRS/SERS/PERS program that they would like help on and more understanding with. This enables the advisor to tailor his/her approach to better suit the specific needs of the member.
  2. Educate the member on the STRS/SERS/PERS benefits plan. This includes health insurance, disability income insurance, life insurance and any other benefits for each respective school district.
  3. Educate the member on the retirement plan guidelines, rules, options, and alternative strategies so that their plan aligns with their desired outcome.
  4. Focus on tax-efficient strategies in areas that can add value to their overall retirement picture by implementing a holistic retirement planning and benefits approach.
  5. Provide the member with an ongoing relationship rooted in service and expertise in all the areas of benefits and retirement planning.


Our approach with members is simple: connect with the members first to gain a better understanding of what value they are seeking. Some members may want to focus more on insurance benefits while others may focus exclusively on retirement income benefits. Each member is different in their own unique circumstance, but they are all equally valuable to the advisors with The Teacher’s Advocate. Once we have a good understanding of the areas of importance, we can put specific focus with each respective area for each member we work with. Although The Teacher’s Advocate is not a “product driven” organization, all advisors are licensed and able to help with any other benefits or retirement planning needs should the plan call for that attention. It starts first with connecting and uncovering the areas of focus and then followed by the educational resources so that the member can gain a better understanding of the STRS/SERS/PERS programs. We believe that knowing is way better than not knowing and we have the “know how” to help.